wordpress-gutenberg-editor – Cheat Sheet


Keyboard Shortcuts

Global shortcuts

SHIFT+ALT+H         # display this help
CTRL+S              # save your changes
CTRL+Z              # undo your last changes
CTRL+SHIFT+Z        # redo your last undo
CTRL+SHIFT+,        # show or hide the settings sidebar
SHIFT+ALT+O         # open the block navigation menu
CTRL+`              # navigate to the next part of the editor
CTRL+SHIFT+`        # navigate to the previous part of the editor
SHIFT+ALT+N         # navigate to the next part of the editor (alternative)
SHIFT+ALT+P         # navigate to the previous part of the editor (alternative)
ALT+F10             # navigate to the nearest toolbar
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+M    # switch between Visual Editor and Code Editor

Selection shortcuts

CTRL+A              # select all text when typing. Press again to select all blocks
Esc                 # clear selection

Block shortcuts

CTRL+SHIFT+D        # duplicate the selected block(s)
SHIFT+ALT+Z         # remove the selected block(s)
CTRL+ALT+T          # insert a new block before the selected block(s)
CTRL+ALT+Y          # insert a new block after the selected block(s)
/                   # change the block type after adding a new paragraph

Text formatting

CTRL+B              # make the selected text bold
CTRL+I              # make the selected text italic
CTRL+U              # underline the selected text
CTRL+K              # convert the selected text into a link
CTRL+SHIFT+K        # remove a link
SHIFT+ALT+D         # add a strikethrough to the selected text
SHIFT+ALT+X         # display the selected text in a monospaced font


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